Operations Performance Analysis (OPA)

Get Your Roadmap to Lean Operational Effectiveness & Efficiency in Post-Acute Care

Understand where gaps in organizational processes could lessen your quality and productivity. By recognizing key factors that are driving inefficiencies, you will save time by focusing on strategic process improvement implementation. If you would like to learn more about a detailed remote OPA for your organization, click below to schedule a call.

How it works...

Step 1

Learning Call

We will arrange a call to discuss your organization in terms of where you are now in operational performance, where you would like to be, and any specific challenges you may be facing. A list of standard questions will be sent ahead of the call to allow ample time for preparation.

Step 2

Data Collection and Measurement

You'll be provided with a list of data that will be needed for the review. Guided by the PAC Leadership Solutions proprietary scoring tool developed specifically for post-acute care providers, a scorecard will be developed based on the results of the review.

Step 3

Analysis Review

Using the results of the scorecard, a thorough analysis will be conducted to generate a comprehensive assessment of your organizations potential risk areas. At conclusion, you will be provided with a presentation of the specific areas to focus on. You may then choose to partner with us to assist with implementation. 

OPA Matrix
A detailed review of the following areas, plus more:

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